GoodFriend for pet care providers

Make a GoodFriend that will grow your business

GoodFriend is a single, powerful online tool designed to help you market your services, manage bookings, and make your customer experience a breeze.

Dog at a pet store counter mobile
Dog at a pet store counter
iPhone book appointment
iPhone book appointment

Book appointments online and in real-time

No more missed calls. With GoodFriend, you can provide pet parents an easy way to book with your business online.

GoodFriend helps you to

  • Book new clients and fill open appointments, all in one place.

  • Customize your services and set your own prices.

  • Better understand your customers. Get new appointment requests including pet details such as breed, age, even vaccination records.

iphone confirm appointment
iphone confirm appointment

Streamline payment, intake forms, and customer reminders

Less paperwork, more pets. Keep your business running efficiently with automated operations. With GoodFriend, you have a single tool to keep appointment paperwork and records organized, so you can focus on the reason you got into business: the pets.

GoodFriend enables you to

  • Simplify the first appointment with digital intake forms and pet records.

  • Send text and email notifications to pet parents for upcoming and completed appointments.

find your pet's people
find your pet's people

Build a loyal customer base with a trusted, optimized business listing

Your listing, your customers. Let local pet parents find and book your services online, and use GoodFriend to keep them coming back. So you can grow your community of pets and pet parents, along with your business.

GoodFriend empowers you to

  • Connect with more customers. Focused search results make it easy for pet parents to find your business by service and location.

  • Build your reputation with reviews provided only by customers who have used your service.

cat helps type
cat helps type

Access our pet care pro support team

When you join GoodFriend, our team is here for you. No bots or hold times. Just on-call support when you or your customers need our help.

With GoodFriend you can count on

  • Technical support, with industry experts and insights to help you succeed.

  • Support handling any & all non-shop issues, like chargebacks and credit card fraud.

Join the growing pet care provider community at GoodFriend


1. Click to Sign Up!

  • You’ll be prompted to claim your listing. Snag your profile if it's listed, otherwise, create a new business listing.

  • Here, you’ll also get yourself situated with Stripe, our payments partner, to verify your business information and link your bank account. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll want to have the following information handy: legal entity name, legal entity type, EIN, business address and your driver’s license or another form of acceptable identification.

2. Build Out Your Services

  • Customize your service offerings in your GoodFriend dashboard (simply click on the Services tab to update). Add your available services to your business listing, complete with timing, and pricing.

3. Add Your Staff and Availability

  • Whether your team is two or twenty, add team members and their availability to your business listing so they can accept appointments.

4. Start Offering Your Services on GoodFriend

  • With a complete business profile, you’re ready to take appointments on GoodFriend.

  • Connect with local pet parents online.

  • Promote your GoodFriend Profile on your social media to increase visibility!

5. Take Appointments and Payment Online

  • As appointment requests come in, you’ll be alerted and able to accept appointments. 

  • We created GoodFriend with pet care businesses in mind. If you’re looking for a platform that can help you bring in new customers, manage appointments, and streamline paperwork – GoodFriend is the platform for you. 

  • Joining GoodFriend gives you access to the entire GoodFriend provider platform at no cost. GoodFriend Pros can manage their GoodFriend profile, services and staff availability, and client records with our platform. For secure payment processing, we partner with Stripe. Processing fees apply to transactions.

  • Yes! GoodFriend providers can personalize their listing with photos, services, staff, and availability with our intuitive provider dashboard. Sign up to update or create a new business listing.

woman cupping dog face mobile
woman cupping dog face

Connect with one of the world’s largest communities of pet parents

With GoodFriend, you’ll get exposure and get connected with local people and pets. How? Well, we happen to know our fair share of pet parents. We come from Kinship, a coalition of brands, teams, and partners, all using their individual strengths to help bring more care to pet care. Every day, they help millions of pet parents. And we’re going to bring them all your way.

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